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Now You Can Add a Bullbar to Your New Car Loan for Less Than 3 Coffees a Week!

Buying a new 4WD is an exciting time. Probably one of the most common purchases a new vehicle owner will be considering, after financing a car, is all the accessories and add-ons that will suit their specific vehicle.

Buying a New Bullbar is Cheaper Than You Might Think!

When it comes to finding the right car finance for you, the best option is always to shop around. There are so many great deals out there. Using a comparison site is a great option if you want too to take a look at the general deals out there. Also, you might not even have considered it but if you’re considering purchasing a bullbar for your vehicle, you can add it in with your car loan!

You might be thinking to yourself that adding the price of your bullbar, nudge bar or roobar into your car finance would be far too costly. So, it might surprise you to know that based on a loan that’s at 5.29% interest over 5 years, the additional cost of adding a typical bullbar could be as low as $47/month or $11/week – the price of 3 coffees! Yes, that’s right – for as little as the price of 3 coffees a week, you can include an Irvin Bullbar in with your new vehicle finance!

So, what are the next steps? Well, here at Irvin Bullbars we don’t offer finance, just top quality bullbars. So, we suggest that you talk with your finance company and we can provide a quote. Alternatively, you can talk with your finance broker about including your bullbar alongside your car purchase.

For affordable, quality bullbars, Perth-based Irvin Bullbars is the reliable choice.

Isuzu DMax white Bullbar
Nissan Navara Feral Bullbar