Ford Falcon BA BF – RTV bullbar

Ford Falcon BA BF – RTV bullbar

Stage 3 bullbar (airbag tested)

Full bumper replacement with lower fiberglass spoiler.

One piece, high tensile extruded channel section to replace the original bumper which is moulded around the vehicle body shape to maintain original contours.

All tubes 4.5mm thick and continuous sections to maximise strength and optimise protection.

Vertical anti penetration bar in centre of grill.

Alloy barwork polished to a chrome like finish with the back section of the bar painted black to eliminate headlight glare.

Fiberglass spoiler painted to original bumper colour and has large air hole to allow airflow to the radiator. (Grill section is cut from the original bumper.)

ADR approved indicators.

Vehicle Frontal Protection Systems (VFPS) must be compliant so as not to adversely effect the airbag triggering of a vehicle, while still offering protection in case of an animal strike.


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