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Strong & Sturdy Bullbars

Bullbars are not only a great-looking finishing touch to your vehicle but they provide a high level of protection in case of an animal strike. The 4WD Industry Council advises that motorists in regional and rural Australia have a well-designed, excellent quality and professionally fitted bullbar. The bottom line is that bullbars save lives.

Whats the Purpose of a Bullbars
Passenger Protection – Bullbars Save Lives

Bullbars Australia

Safe & Strong Bull Bars Perth

Irvin Bullbars design, manufacture and fit safe and strong bullbars that are purpose-built for WA conditions and roads. Our bullbars provide you with peace of mind so that in the event of a collision or an animal strike, you know that you and your passengers are as safe as possible.

We specialise in designing and manufacturing alloy bars that provide superior strength. All our bars are made from continuous sections of channel and tubing and are built to Australian Driving Regulation and Department of Transport specifications 0589. When you buy from us you can be confident that you’re receiving only the best.

Perth BullBars – Impressive & Stylish

All our bullbars are impressive and stylish as well as being safe and strong. When you purchase an Irvin Bullbar, extras come as standard. All our bars have spotlight and aerial lugs (if required). Additionally, they come complete with LED indicators, your own choice of powder coated or polished finish and can be customised (conditions apply).

Our bullbars add great aesthetic appeal to any vehicle. There’s nothing like a bar to give your transport that customised and rugged ‘edge’. You can keep them looking good for as long as possible with minimal upkeep and polishing. Contact us today to find out why our customers come back to us again and again for all their bullbar needs.

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Australian Bullbars

Let You Drive Confidently On Country Roads!

We fully understand just how vulnerable you are and feel while driving on country roads without a bullbar. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that animal strikes are a common occurrence on our country roads, even if you’re driving as carefully as possible. It’s not a matter of IF you strike an animal but WHEN.

Over the years we have protected more than 52,500 vehicles. We are trusted by emergency services and we put 40+ hours research and development into every type of bar we produce. Don’t feel anxious and unsafe on the roads while driving in an unprotected vehicle. Speak to our team today about fitting a strong Irvin Bullbar!

We Have Bullbars for a vairety of different makes and models.

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