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Irvin Bullbars is your local, professional roo bar specialist. Every one of our roo bars is made right here in Perth, Western Australia. Our robust and well-designed bars are perfect for you if you’re an occasional country driver. They provide full-frontal headlight and bumper protection for your vehicle in case of an animal strike or any other head-on impact.

There are various styles, types and designs of roo bar available to purchase depending on your vehicle year, make and model. Our roo bars give you enhanced peace of mind so that you feel confident when you’re out on our local roads. Contact our team today to find out more!

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Be Ready On WA Roads With A Roo Bar

It’s crucial to be prepared for everything and anything when you’re travelling on WA roads. Conditions can be difficult and there is always the risk of a potential animal strike, particularly in the early morning, at sunset or later on at night. If a kangaroo or wallaby is caught in your headlights, it will freeze, leaving you little time to avoid the impact.

This is why roo bars are so important to have fitted onto your car. Kangaroos can weigh anything from between 18kg to 90kg or even more. It’s not worth taking the risk of hurting yourself, your passengers and potentially enduring a heavy financial hit for car repairs if you don’t have a roo bar. Give our team a call today to find out more!

Essential Animal Strike Protection

Animal strikes are a common occurrence on WA country roads so it’s crucial that you take steps to defend yourself, your passengers and your vehicle should the worst happen. We understand just how vulnerable you are when you’re driving without a roo bar. Thankfully, an Irvin Bullbars roo bar give you peace of mind that should an animal jump out in front of your car, you’ll be protected.

The force of an animal collision should not be underestimated. Roos are large and powerful animals. Hitting one will likely make you lose control of your vehicle entirely. Having a roo bar fitted as well as driving carefully gives you excellent protection against accidents.

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Roo Bars Provide Peace Of Mind

There are thousands of animal vehicle strikes on Australian roads every year. Unfortunately for them as well as us, kangaroos are not the brightest animals. They’ve been known to actually launch themselves at moving cars for reasons completely unknown to us. So, it stands to reason that having a roo bar installed is a necessity here in WA.

It’s not only roos that you have to be on the look out for, many animals such as emus, wombats and wallabies are particularly active around dawn and dusk. So, you need to take special care at these times by being on the lookout for wildlife as well as reducing your speed. Speak to the team at Irvin Bullbars today to find out more about roo bars and how they can benefit you.


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