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Irvin Bullbars is the exclusive reseller for Armadillo Bash Plates. These under-body bash plates are made for protection in even the toughest of conditions. You can drive with confidence when you opt for these as they are expertly designed for WA conditions (and we all know how difficult those can be.)

Armadillo Bash Plates compliment any setup, look great and offer an enhanced level of safety and peace-of-mind when they’re used alongside an Irvin Bullbar. Underbody protection prevents your driveline, sump and radiator from getting damaged when you’re off-roading. When you have these fitted, there is no longer any need to worry about problem terrain. You can just enjoy driving and exploring!

All About Bash Plates

Perth Bash Plates Are A Great Investment

Did you know that you can actually reduce your vehicle’s depreciation rate by having it fitted with Armadillo Bash Plates? It’s easier and less expensive to replace a bash plate when you need to rather than to replace a part of your vehicle. Therefore, for off-roading, Armadillo Bash Plates are highly recommended.

Over the life span of your vehicles, Armadillo Bash Plates will save you a lot of money, protecting the underbody from problems such as corrosion, rocks, trees and more. You also need to consider that rocks and sticks often get flicked up when your driving and then there are big rocks and logs to contend with. At Irvin Bullbars we are proud to stock Armadillo Bash Plates that stand the test of time.

Perth Bash Plates – What You Need To Know

Armadillo Bash Plates are durable, robust and provide the best quality under-body protection for your 4WD even in the toughest environments. Armadillo Bash Plates are perfect because:

  • Easy to fit. No welding or drilling needed
  • Easy to service. Oil can be changed without needing to remove the plates
  • Individual plates available. If a plate gets damaged, you can buy an individual replacement without having to purchase another set
  • Corrosion resistant and tough. Armadillo Bash Plates are available in durable 3mm thickness steel, galvanised and powder coated in black with other colours being available on request
  • Designed for our tough WA conditions. Armadillo Bash Plates are made with the latest computerised manufacturing equipment. This means that they can be manufactured here in WA with high precision. These bash plates offer both maximum protection and consistent quality.

Irvin Bullbars is the local name to trust when it comes to bash plates. We have been business since 1976 and to this day we have protected more than 52,500 vehicles throughout Western Australia. Contact us today to find out how we can help you and discover why we are trusted by WA emergency services.

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