5 Essential Accessories Every Off Road Driver Needs

5 essential accessories every off road driver needs

Most 4×4 vehicle owners love getting off the bitumen for an off-road adventure, but before they do, they make sure their vehicle is equipped with all the right gear for a successful trip.

Nobody like to get stuck so here are 5 essential accessories to equip your vehicle with before venturing off-road.

1 – Off-road Tyres

Your vehicle should be fitted with tyres that guarantee superior levels of traction and grip in off road conditions.

While it goes without saying that you should have spare, but it’s often forgotten, which can cause problems if you get a puncture or roll a tyre off the rim in the middle of nowhere. Preparation is the key, so make sure you have a jack and check that your spare is well inflated before you leave home.

2 – Vehicle Protectors

Here, Perth bull bars from Irvin Bullbars top the list as they safeguard the vehicle from bushes and scrub when driving off road. These work hand in hand with the winches Perth authorities recommend in recovering stuck vehicles.

Headlight protectors also come in handy to prevent stones or other debris from hitting and breaking your vehicle’s headlights leaving you in the dark.

Installing plastic bonnet defenders can go a long way in saving you those costly bonnet repairs or repainting following dents and scratches caused by off road environment.

3 – Satellite Navigation

Exploring the bush can be exciting but getting lost isn’t that much fun. While your smartphone has its own in-built mapping app, it won’t help you if there’s no mobile signal where you are. Consider installing a quality satellite navigation system, to ensure you can pinpoint your location and find your way back if you need to.

4 – Portable Air Compressor

WA 4WDers love to explore the many beautiful beaches that have access, but it’s not so great if you get bogged in the sand, especially when the tide is on the rise.

It’s a good idea to air your tyres down before hitting the sand to avoid getting stuck. Lowering the pressures will give your tyres more surface contact with the ground, spreading the load over almost double the area, which allows the tyres to float on top of the sand without bogging down. It’s a good idea to have a pressure gauge onboard and ensure all tyres are deflated evenly and engage your hubs before you head off.

Having a portable air compressor is essential to reinflate the tyres before you get back on the bitumen and that gauge will come in handy as well.  

5 – Traction Recovery Boards

Adding traction aids to your recovery kit can be expensive, but they will pay for themselves in no time when your bogged on a beach. If you get stuck, use your shovel to dig out in front of the tyres, then wedge the boards in under the wheels and you’ll be out of trouble in no time.

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