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Irvin Bullbars is your one stop shop for truck bars. We understand just how crucial that it is to always have your truck(s) on the go. They’re a huge part of your business and livelihood. Truckies work crazy hours driving vast distances all over the country. So, it’s important to have frontal protection fitted should the worst happen.

We are WA’s truck bar specialists. With our help, knowledge and expertise, your vehicle, load and passengers will be protected when you’re out on the road. Whether you’re looking for truck bars or truck bullbars, we will expertly fit these to a single vehicle or to a whole fleet. You can trust Irvin Bullbars to deliver on time every time.

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Keep Your Vehicle Moving Even After An Animal Strike By Installing A Perth Truck Bar

Having a bullbar fitted to your truck or fleet of trucks ensures that there is less downtime in case of a full-frontal impact or animal strike than there would be on a vehicle without one fitted. Truck bars provide both physical safety as well as preventing drivers from having to swerve to miss any animals that are coming their way. Swerving is even more dangerous than a straight on animal strike as a collision with another vehicle or building could be fatal.

Research from the 4WDIC has found that as many as 74% of motorists who have been in a collision with an animal felt that if they didn’t have a bullbar fitted, they would have had to swerve or to take some other action. The risks in terms of trucks swerving into oncoming traffic or pedestrians is one that you just cannot take. Be safe. Get an Irvin Bullbars truck bar!

Perth Truck BullBars – Protecting the Lifeblood Of Australia

Truckies are Australia’s lifeblood. Where would we be without fleets of these unsung heroes delivering everything you can possibly even imagine no matter the weather or road conditions. Driving a truck is in no way easy but our WA truckies make it look effortless. They are truly our nation’s unsung heroes.

Here, at Irvin Bullbars, we believe that frontal protection from animal strikes and potential front-on collisions is imperative for our trucks here in WA. With a truck bar fitted, truckies can drive with confidence in the knowledge that they can get from A to B and then home again without incident. Every one of our bars is designed with the WA terrain and weather in mind so you know they’re built to last.

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How Irvin Bullbars Keeps Australia’s Trucks Moving

Perth Truck bull Bars Are Strong & Effective

All the truck bars we design, make and fit here at Irvin Bullbars are purpose-built to be as strong and effective as possible. With their protection, truckies can go about their work feeling safer and more confident. Truck bars save lives.

WA road conditions are arguably the toughest in the country. So, our bars are expertly designed to withstand any working environment. Our truck bars look great as well as being very robust so they’ll protect you should the worst happen. Contact us today to find out more about which bar will suit your particular truck make, model and year.