5 Must-Have Accessories for your Isuzu D-Max

must have accessories for your dmax

Equipped with the new Intelligent Driver Assistance System (IDAS), Isuzu D-Max is safe, powerful and elegant. There are more than 50 accessories available for this vehicle that are easy to install. From bullbars, nudge bars and towbars to electric brakes, roof racks and canopies, there are many add-ons that can improve the quality of driving. We’ve rounded up five must-have products including the best bullbars Perth has to offer and top-notch snorkels that provide cool and clear air to the engine.

1 – Isuzu D-Max Bullbar

The best frontal protection you can buy is a D-Max bullbar crafted from polished alloy or steel and perfectly tailored to the curvy shape of this elegant vehicle. Since cameras are positioned high on the windscreen, this model allows easy installation of all protective bars. It also makes a superb mounting point for winch, antenna and other accessories you’ll need for challenging off-road escapades.

Pro tip: purchase only locally manufactured bull bars Perth-wide!

2 – Nudge Bar

If you want to drive your Isuzu D-Max around Perth, bullbars might be redundant and even hazardous. If you are not venturing outside the metro area often, a single-hooped nudge bar offers all the frontal protection you really need. You can purchase nudge bars that are both stylish and practical for city driving, including versions compatible with 4WDs with parking sensors.

Pro tip: For the best visual effect, buy a nudge bar in the colour of your Isuzu D-Max.

3 – Extra Lighting

You’ll find additional frontal lights very handy for off-road driving. You want to illuminate the road with great halogen or LED lights that are suitable for night driving. Factory setup is usually not enough, so look for 35 watt light.

Pro tip: choose LED lights for night driving because they cast a long and wide beam, and are suitable for all weather conditions.

4 – Weather Shields

Protection for your windows ensures safer and more peasant off-road and city driving. Dusty roads, wind and severe rain can make driving difficult, and weather shields provide the protection you need. They are lightweight and easy to install, ensuring that you can enjoy the fresh air and stay dry even if it is pouring outside. Due to its unique shape, they can prevent dust and rain from entering your vehicle. Additional perks include reduced wind noise, better optical transparency and sleek aerodynamic look of your 4WD.

Pro tip: clean your weather shields with alcohol wipes to maintain them in pristine condition longer.

5 – Snorkel

Inexpensive, but very useful for off-road travels, a snorkel can save your Isuzu D-Max by keeping water and dust out of your engine. Perhaps you didn’t know it can also increase the performance of your vehicle? Most importantly, a snorkel is there for your safety and confidence. It captures clean air in front of you while you are driving. Air that is usually taken in around the engine bay is hot and will contain particles of dirt, grease and dust as your vehicle drives. This means more power and performance when you really need it.

Pro tip: buy a top-shelf product to ensure the best performance.

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