5 Must-Have Accessories for your Mazda BT50

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Mazda BT50 is comfortable and practical at the same time – perfect for long journeys and multiple uses. From light bars and bull bars to trails and ladder racks, there are many optional accessories you can purchase to make it a safer and better vehicle. We’ve rounded up 5 essential add-ons.

Mazda BT50 Bullbar

Perth bullbars come in different shapes and sizes, but the one crafted especially for this car is particularly strong and sturdy. Offering full frontal protection, this bar is safeguarding you from animal strikes and other impacts and provides space to mount other important accessories for off-roading such as the winch, extra lights and UHF antenna. There are different types of steel and alloy bullbars Perth manufacturers are producing for different models of the Mazda BT50.

Nudge Bar

Other types of bull bars Perth locals love include a single hoop nudge bar. This is a great accessory for city driving because it isn’t as heavy and takes much less space. You probably don’t need the full-frontal protection in the metro area, so a nudge bar is an ideal solution. It has the capacity to fit additional frontal lighting for night driving, and it comes in matte and polished version. You can also add a bonnet protector for extra safety.

Suspension Lift

A suspension lift is a useful accessory for Mazda BT50 because it can significantly increase your tyre size. This means more ground clearance and traction, which enables you to deal with more demanding off-road tracks. Most importantly, a suspension kit increases driving visibility on and off the road. A 40-50mm suspension lift is common for WA because the legal road limit is 50mm.

Ladder Rack

If you are frequently carrying weight (it can be anything from timber to stand-up paddleboards), a ladder rack is a must-have accessory. It is often a simple single hoop attached at the rear of your Mazda BT50 tray or a more complex design tailored to your needs.

Battery System

An auxiliary battery system is essential for long journeys and ventures into remote areas of Western Australia because it allows you to charge tools in the tray or keep camp lights, fridge and other necessary devices running. Mazda BT50 has a factory-fitted option featuring a tray mount battery cradle. The battery capacity is limited by the size of the cradle, so it is better to purchase an additional system. Great options include DC-DC charger, Projecta IDC-25, Redarc BC-DC25 and the tray-mounted 120ah with solar input.

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