5 Must-Have Accessories for Your Triton

Triton Bullbar

Superbly designed and extremely robust, Mitsubishi Triton is one of the most popular 4WD vehicles for off-road driving in WA because it can stand the most challenging conditions. To make the most of it, deck it out with accessories that will make it even more powerful. From frontal protection and light bars to top-quality seat covers, there is a wide range of add-ons you can purchase, but these five products are really worth investing in.  

1 – Bullbar

Having an MN Triton bullbar or MQ Triton bullbar is a must if you want to venture into the outback or sand dunes. These two models of Mitsubishi vehicles are ideal for off-road driving, but you need a frontal barrier to safeguard you against animal collisions and other accidents. Bullbars offer additional protection that builds up on integrated safety systems such as airbags or autonomous breaking, which is one of the characteristics of MN Triton.

Bullbars contribute to safety, practicality and, of course, the aesthetics of your 4WD. Whether they are made from aluminium or steel, they make the car look and feel more robust. An additional advantage is that the protective bar can be used to mount many other accessories you’ll need for off-road driving. You can utilise it to install extra frontal lights, UHF antennas, sand flags and winches.  

2 – Nudge bar

While it doesn’t offer such as reliable protection against accidents on longer and more adventurous journeys, a nudge bar is great for city driving. This humble bar will safeguard you from smaller hits, and it isn’t as harsh to animals as the big and sturdy bullbar.

Nudge bar is an affordable alternative to a bull bar and much more convenient for moving around the Perth metro area where it is harder to park. While it is not suitable for mounting all the accessories you might need for off-road adventures, it is a great solution if you just want to install extra driving lights.

3 – Navigation System

In addition to nudge bars and bullbars, Perth residents also need a good navigation system that works even in places where there is no mobile service or WiFi. A standalone navigator that doesn’t rely solely on Google or Apple maps is definitely a must-have for adventure travel and camping.

4 – Snorkel

A snorkel which elevates the air-intake position, ensuring that the engine doesn’t take in dusty air or water is also essential for off-road touring. This helpful accessory will protect your car whenever you are travelling out of town across sandy roads or when you are encountering deep water crossings.

5 – Suspension Lift

A suspension lift for a Mitsubishi Triton is another top-selling item that increases off-road performance. It is a great investment because it will make your 4WD even stronger and improve the ride when you are carrying a load. It is usually recommended to purchase a modest suspension lift of about 25-40mm upfront and 20-40mm at the rear because you don’t want to put pressure on mechanical components.  

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