Bullbar vs Nudge Bar vs Roo Bar

Bullbar vs Nudge Bar vs Roo Bar
August 15, 2018 admin
nudge bar

If you’re new to the world of bullbars, it can be confusing when you’re trying to pick the one that’s best for you and your lifestyle. Perhaps you live a city lifestyle and you don’t need the robust protection of a full-on bullbar?. Alternatively, you might be a contractor who spends most of your time in the Outback and you’re worried about potential animal strikes. No matter who you are and what you do, we’re here to help you choose the right protection for you and your passengers.


The bullbar – Western Australia-based drivers are very familiar with these pieces of kit.  At Irvin Bullbars, these are by far our most popular type of bar work for regional country drivers in particular. A bullbar provides complete, full-frontal protection for your vehicle. So, in the case of a front-of-vehicle impact or an animal strike, you and your passengers can be as safe as possible.

Roo Bar

At Irvin Bullbars we consider ourselves to be the experts in all things roobar. We recommend roo bars Perth-wide for customers who drive in the country from time to time. A roobar offers bumper and headlight full frontal protection for your vehicle so you can drive with confidence.

Nudge Bar

A nudge bar is generally recommended to metro or city drivers. It provides protection for the front of your vehicle should the worst happen without the bulk of a traditional bullbar.  It’s also a fantastic mounting point for your LED driving lights.

If you’re still at a loss with regards to what will suit you and your vehicle best, contact us today for an informal discussion and quote. We have over 40 years knowledge and experience in our field. You can be assured that you can drive with confidence when you purchase your bullbar from Irvin Bullbars. We look forward to speaking with you!