Bullbars Reduce Downtime After an Accident

Bullbars Reduce Downtime After an Accident

Everyone dreads having an accident in their car. It doesn’t matter how carefully you drive either. Every time you set out on the open road, there’s potential for a bump or scrape to happen. Western Australia is a beautiful, rugged place but with that great-looking countryside comes the risk of animal strikes.

Every year, many thousands of Australian motorists are involved in animal collisions resulting in hefty vehicle repair costs, loss of animal life and injury to vehicle occupants. Travel risks are mitigated when driving in the dark as it can be difficult to see.

According to records from NRMA Insurance back in 2007, the company recorded more than 9,000 animal-related strikes in NSW. Kangaroos were involved in 78% of the claims with the actual cost to the local community was estimated to be $70 million.

With figures as serious as these, more and more WA people are having a bullbar fitted to their vehicle. These bars are critical pieces of safety equipment in our area as it can be dangerous to drive without the right gear. WA motorists have livestock and wild animals to think of. If an animal gets spooked and jumps out in front of you, you want to be sure that you and your passengers won’t get hurt. A bullbar also reduces downtime after an accident as your car won’t be as badly damaged as it would be without a bullbar fitted.

So, whatever make and model of vehicle you have, you can purchase a Subaru XV bullbar, Subaru Forrester bullbar or any other bar of your choosing here at Irvin Bullbars. Feel free to contact us on 08 9274 2511 for a chat about your requirements. Alternatively, why not request a quote online? We’re always happy to help in whatever way we can.

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This 20-page information pack is packed with information about different bulbar options, tips on how to care for your bulbar and also steps on what do to in the event of hitting an animal.

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