Bullbars & Roo Bars Save Lives

Bullbars Roo Bars Save Lives

Bullbars & Roo Bars Save Lives

Roo bars – are they really all they’re cracked up to be? It’s true that some motorists view roo bars and  bull bars as an accessory. But what’s the truth? Are these just another fad or are they a critical piece of safety equipment for WA drivers?

We live in an area where roo bars or bull bars are a necessity. On country roads there are many thousands of people who’ve experienced a kangaroo or livestock jump out in from front of their vehicle. In fact, kangaroos count for 95% of animal strikes in WA.

Remote Outback Australia is a place of great beauty. However, if you don’t drive with the right equipment, it can also be potentially dangerous. It’s common to encounter livestock wandering along roads due to a lack of fencing. There are also feral goats, pigs and donkeys to bear in mind. If you’re driving along a deserted road and an animal gets spooked, a roobar offers you significant protection. There are also other aspects to consider such as the rising and setting sun creating visibility issues such as bright spots and glare.

2011 research from the 4WD Industry Council surveyed 42,600 motorists. Of these individuals, the instance of animal strikes was estimated to be in the region of 25,000 and 30,000 a year. The peak time for these strikes was found to be during poor light conditions. Interestingly, the study found that people travelling in vehicles without roo bars or bull bars were 30 times likelier to suffer an injury than those in a bar-equipped vehicle. Almost ¾ of the drivers surveyed that has been in an animal strike collision felt that if they didn’t have a bull bar of some sort fitted, they would have had the need to swerve and potentially crash into other cars, trees or structures.

It’s for these reasons that the 4WD Industry Council actively encourages anyone who uses their vehicles in regional and rural Australia to fit a robust roo bar that conforms with the Australian Standard. For more information of roo bars, Perth-based Irvin Bullbars can help. Protecting your vehicle is a necessity. Do it with a roo bar or bull bar. Western Australians can find out more by contacting our helpful team today!

Ref for stats – https://www.aaaa.com.au/policy-advocacy/bull-bars-critical-safety-equipment-not-fashion-accessories/

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