Do Bullbars Help in an Accident?

Bullbars, roobars or nudgebars – whatever you prefer to call them, it’s an age-old question, should I have one fitted in case of an accident? It can be a contentious issue for some people, but if you are an off-road driver or spend a lot of time tootling down country roads, then it’s a good idea in terms of safety to have a bar installed. You see, a bullbar provides maximum protection from impacts which is especially useful if you’re driving in the bush or near livestock.

Driving in the Bush

Those who use their vehicle to enjoy the great outdoors, or do the bulk of their driving outside of a major city or town, consider bullbars an essential after-market addition to their vehicle.

On the other hand, almost every trustworthy motoring organisation and statutory body agree that cars that stay in cities and outer suburban areas neither need, nor should, have bullbars fitted to their vehicle; that’s where a nudge bar comes into play.

Staying Safe on the Road

Driving on our roads can be dangerous so what else can you do to stay safe? Install a bullbar is the answer! Perth manufacturer, Irvin Bullbars, is the name locals trust when it comes to well-designed bars that protect you and your motoring investment. Every one of our bars is ADR compliant and fully airbag compatible. Bullbars do a fantastic job of protecting the occupants of a vehicle when you’re in a collision, whether that collision involves wandering stock or wildlife or another car. They also protect the front of your vehicle, the engine bay, cooling system, the electrics and your suspension.

Bullbars are also a great mounting point to attach important off-road equipment such as driving lights or LED lightbars, winches and antennas. A properly installed bullbar can also provide a recovery point option if you find yourself in difficulty and need to be winched or towed to safety.

According to data from the Australian 4WD Industry Council, 99.6% of respondents to their survey on bullbars indicated that in an accident a bullbar prevented significant vehicle damage. This just backs up the opinion that bullbars are useful in the event of frontal impacts such as animal collisions and for general protection. In fact, once they have their new bar fitted, so many of our customers tell us that they would never be without one in the future.

Why Choose Irvin Bullbars?

Irvin Bullbars, who are based in Perth, have a long history of providing the robust bullbars, nudge bars and roo bars vehicle owners love. There is no better feeling when you’re out on the local roads than being safe in the knowledge that should a frontal impact occur, you’re less likely to sustain damage. We are the WA industry leaders in the design, testing and manufacture of robust alloy bullbars. We firmly believe in the safety of our products because they have been rigorously tested.

So, when it comes down to it, yes, bullbars do help reduce damage in the event of an accident. To find out more or to get a quote, simply get in touch with our knowledgeable team. We look forward to fitting your new bar!

Irvin Bullbars Perth Info Pack

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This 20-page information pack is packed with information about different bulbar options, tips on how to care for your bulbar and also steps on what do to in the event of hitting an animal.

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