Frontal Protection for your Hilux or Triton

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Frontal protection is crucial for 4WD off-road ventures through Western Australia’s unique and remote regions. Of course, you need to find the right bullbar for your Hilux or Triton vehicle. It is not just a cool accessory but one of the travel essentials to safeguard you from all kinds of accidents, from hitting a roo to encountering large rocks or fallen branches. It is also the perfect mounting point for the winch, sand flags, antennas and other additions.

Styles & Materials

Choosing a style of your bullbar is not just a matter of aesthetic because it also affects your safety and protection against damage. Some of the bars offer the basic protection which can safeguard your vehicle from minor accidents and city driving, while others are bigger, heavier and sturdier. These are the commonly used styles you can choose from:

  • Bumper bar offers the most basic protection for the front end;
  • Nudge bar is great for the city and provides protection against minor impacts;
  • Single hoop bars provide greater protection than the bumper and nudge bars plus they are aesthetically pleasing because they are not fully masking the front of your vehicle;
  • Triple hoop offers the best protection, but it is heavy and covers the front of your 4WD;

Bullbars are typically made from steel or aluminium. Steel is the most popular but also the most expensive choice. Bars made from steel are strong, heavy and easy to maintain. However, aluminium is lighter but more expensive. For example, a bullbar made of steel can weigh around 90 kg while the same model made of aluminium can weigh 55 kg. Additionally, the difference in price can be between $500 and $1000.

So, how to choose the right style and material for your 4WD? It depends on you will be using it for or where you intend to travel. Big triple hoop bars made of steel are ideal for long-distance travelling and off-roading, while lightweight nudge bars are perfect for driving around the city.  

The Best Bullbars for Long Journeys

Which Bullbars Perth locals normally choose for their road trip adventures? Definitely single and triple hoop models because they allow for much safer driving while protecting you and the car from animal collisions and other accidents. While single hoops focus on protecting the radiator, triple hoops are covering the headlights too.

Triton bullbar and Toyota Hilux bullbar models vary from the bumper and nudge bars to the sturdiest single and triple hoop protection. They are suitable for off-road driving and long-distance road trips because they provide stronger front-end protection. If you want to explore the outback and venture to the desert, you’ll need add-ons such as UHT antennas, safety flags, extra headlights and recovery points. A triple hoop bullbar is ideal for mounting all these accessories.

Irvin Bullbars Perth Info Pack

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This 20-page information pack is packed with information about different bulbar options, tips on how to care for your bulbar and also steps on what do to in the event of hitting an animal.

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