How To Add Lighting To Your Irvin Bullbar

Jeep Cherokee Nudgebar

We’re often asked, “can I fit lights to my bar work?”.

The simple answer is yes! One of the main reasons people fit bar work to their vehicle is for adding extra lighting as the majority of modern vehicles don’t accommodate for extra driving lights.

All Irvin Bullbar bar work is made to accommodate extra lighting somewhere in its design, but with a bullbar it’s straight onto the main 6mm thick alloy channel. As lighting now comes in all shapes and sizes, there is no pre-drilled holes coz if we drilled them in there, ‘murphy’s law’ would mean we would probably be half a hole out!  

Nudge Bars make great mounting points for auxiliary lighting and generally come with light tabs attached, but can be a little more limiting on the size and range when adding extra lighting to your vehicle. Beware that tabs can be weight limited and some lights can be heavy, so choose carefully.  Also note that some vehicles have technology like park assist sensors and sonars fitted into the grille which can limit the size and style of additional lighting, or eliminate the ability to add lighting at all.

It is best to check local laws in each State or Territory as the fitting of additional lights can be deemed illegal if not fitted correctly. The placement of the lights is just as important. For example, bull bars cannot have anything attached to the top of the tube or protruding past the front of the bullbar.

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