How To Keep Your Alloy Bullbar Neat And Tidy

How To Keep Your Alloy Bullbar Looking Great 1

A brand new bullbar gives your vehicle a real ‘edge’ both aesthetically and in terms of safety. Driving on WA roads can be a dirty business. You can go out in the morning with a perfectly cleaned and polished vehicle then by midday, bugs and dirt can make it and your polished alloy bullbar look pretty weary. So, what can you do to ensure your bullbar looks as good as new for as long as possible? Well, it all hinges on using the right polish.


Autosol Aluminium Polish is a specially-formulated polish for alloy and aluminium surfaces. Made in Germany, Autosol both protects and polishes surfaces to a mirror shine. This revolutionary product is ammonia-free. Autosol is used for polishing and cleaning uncoated aluminium surfaces. It leaves your bullbar with an unequalled sheen with absolutely no hazing or scratches.

Autosol comes in a 10x concentrate cleaning power paste formula that compares favourably with liquid counterparts. In addition to being useful for cleaning and maintaining bullbars, Autosol Aluminium Polish can be used confidently on all aluminium surfaces – even ones around the home. The formulation is perfectly suited to softer metals because it’s not as abrasive as other polishes. Residues are always best removed by wiping rather than washing.

Liquid Reflection

Liquid Reflection polish is perfect for use on any bullbar. It’s also great for maintaining stainless steel fittings on bikes, boats, trucks and cars. All you need to do is to apply the polish by hand with a microfibre cloth or alternatively with a portable polishing machine. Reflection polish wipes off to reveal a mirror-like surface that’s smear-free. Use Liquid Reflection on bullbars, alloy fuel tanks and rims. It’s water-washable for fast easy clean-up.

Reflection Metal Polish is both effective and easy-to-use. It cleans, protects and polishes to maintain a beautiful, lasting shine. Reflections Metal Polish removes tarnish, surface rust, corrosion, water spots, stains and oxidation. It’s great for use on copper, chrome, bronze, stainless steel, brass and more.

Handy Hints

When using either polishes, keep the following in mind:

  • Rub on till it turns black
  • No firm action is needed because the polishes are abrasive
  • Always buff off with a cotton cloth or a wool polish pad on a variable speed polishing machine
  • An old truckies tip is to spray with Mr Sheen because it helps to get the bugs off after a road trip

By following the above advice, your bullbar will stay looking as good as new for a long time to come.

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