Key Qualities to Look Out For in a Great Four-Wheel Drive

Key Qualities to Look Out For in a Great Four Wheel Drive Bull Bar Aerial

Key Qualities to Look Out For in a Great Four-Wheel Drive Bull Bar

Underbody Guard

An underbody guard is crucial to protect your vehicle when you’re travelling on stony, rocky and bumpy roads. You can also fit a sump, front and transmission guard for extra protection.

Split Pan Air System

The best bullbar for Prado models and indeed all vehicles, utilizes a split pan system so the radiator benefits from a consistently good airflow. So, when you’re off-roading, your vehicle will always run smoothly. An extra plus of a split pan air system is that it enhances the strength and functioning of your bulbar.

Winch Capability

Winch capability is another essential for many off-roaders. Always seek professional advice so you’re sure you’re choosing the right winch for your vehicle.


Bull bar benefits include being a platform for mounting driving lights. This prevents issues such as vibrating and inconsistent beams, so you can always clearly see what’s up ahead.

Mounting Brackets

Mounting brackets are perfect for attaching crucial accessories such as antennas and lights.

Bull Bar Shape

It’s important to install a good-quality solid bull bar or roo bar. Australia is well-known for having the potential for animal strikes when you’re off-road, so a strong and robust bar offers you great protection.

Recessed Indicators

No one wants to run the risk of damaging their indicators while travelling in the countryside. When you fit a bull bar, your indicators will be recessed and protected from road debris and branches. Perfect!

Aerial Brackets

Aerial brackets can be welded behind the top cross bars to benefit from the best transmission and reception. These are arguably a better choice than custom fit clamp-on brackets as the welded varieties are significantly more robust.

Hi-Lift Jacking Points

Many bull bars benefit from Hi-Lift jacking points as part of their design, so you won’t need mounting brackets. These jacking points can jack up your vehicle far higher than a standard jack can.

There’s so much more to a bull bar than simple aesthetics. Talk to our team today at Irvin Bull Bars for more information and help to choose the bull bar to suit your vehicle and lifestyle.

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This 20-page information pack is packed with information about different bulbar options, tips on how to care for your bulbar and also steps on what do to in the event of hitting an animal.

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