Make the Toyota Prado a Safer Vehicle for Your Family with A Bullbar

Make the Toyota Prado a Safer Vehicle for Your Family with A Bullbar

Make the Toyota Prado a Safer Vehicle for Your Family with A Bullbar

When you’re looking for a medium sized 4WD vehicle, the Toyota Prado is hard to beat. These robust vehicles are very popular in Western Australia as they’re perfect for coping with our harsh terrain. If you’re a Prado owner and you have a family, you’ll want to make it as safe as possible for all of you.

WA has a high instance of animal strikes on country roads. You can never tell when a kangaroo or livestock may jump out in front of your car. So, to be safe, Irvin Bullbars recommend fitting a bullbar. In fact, we would say that a Prado bullbar is an essential piece of kit in terms of safety.  In fact, bullbars are the best possible way to protect you and your family in case of collision or animal strikes.

At Irvin Bullbars, we are proud of our products. We have been working tirelessly for more than 40 years to design and manufacture superior strength products that do the job and that are built to last. We rely on engineers to design, test and develop only the best products.

Irvin Bullbars is fully Australian operated and owned. When you buy from us, you can be reassured that you will receive a premium product and impeccable service. You’re more than welcome to come over to our production and fitting centre in Midvale to view our range and to make your purchase. We can even fit your Prado bull bar for you too!

All our products have airbag compatibility through impact testing. Additionally, our products are all within the maximum allowable crumpling deceleration for a frontal protection bar. Contact us today for a quote on 08 9274 2511.

Irvin Bullbars Perth Info Pack

Download Our Bullbar Information Pack

This 20-page information pack is packed with information about different bulbar options, tips on how to care for your bulbar and also steps on what do to in the event of hitting an animal.

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