Make Your Toyota Hilux a Safer Vehicle with A Strong Bullbar

Make Your Toyota Hilux a Safer Vehicle with A Strong Bullbar

Make Your Toyota Hilux a Safer Vehicle with A Strong Bullbar

The Toyota Hilux is a car that’s perfect for tough Western Australian terrain. When you are driving in the Outback, it’s crucial to know that your vehicle is as protected as possible should an accident occur. A bullbar is an essential piece of equipment whether you’re on or off road. A bullbar is particularly useful to protect your vehicle and your passengers against animal strikes. Additionally, the Toyota Hilux looks aesthetically amazing with one fitted. There are three main advantages of a Toyota Hilux bullbar:


Your chief concern when driving in Western Australia should be safety. Our beautiful area of the country is renowned for its incredible wildlife. However, when you’re driving in the middle of the Outback, especially in difficult conditions and terrain, the risk of an animal striking your vehicle is something to keep at the top of your mind. Not only that, but bullbars offer protection against many other types of accidents. They’re also a great way of protecting the front of your vehicle from scrapes and bumps.

A Hilux bullbar is specifically designed to reduce damage from impact to your vehicle as well as protecting your passengers. It’s true that the Irvin Hilux bull bar can be a lifesaving piece of kit.


Another plus point to having a bullbar installed on your Toyota Hilux is that it provides a place to fit accessories such as winches and driving lights.

When you’re choosing your bullbar, it’s crucial to buy from a company you can trust. Yes, it can be tempting to purchase via the internet, but do you really know what you’re buying until you get it delivered? Here, at Irvin Bullbars we are different to so many other companies in our field. Over 40 years of product testing and research via our membership of the Bullbar Working Group of Australia has seen us being actively involved in the continuous development, research and implementation of the safer, newer design of vehicle frontal protection systems, including bullbars, nudge bars and roo bars.

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