Important Considerations When Buying A BullBar

Mistakes People Make When Buying a Bullbar

There are so many bullbars on the market today that it’s easy to make a mistake and to buy the wrong one. Before we even cover what you need to take into consideration before you make your purchase, it’s crucial to know exactly what a bullbar is.

What is a Bullbar?

A bullbar is installed on the front of a vehicle to protect it in the case of an accidental collision with an animal on a rural road. Many motorists in rural Australia consider bullbars to be essential pieces of safety equipment.

What is a Bullbar Made From?

 Bullbars are usually made from steel, aluminium or plastics/synthetic materials. In the beginning, bullbars were made from very heavy steel that put a huge extra load on the suspension and front axle. When aluminium extrusions came along, much smaller aluminium bullbars went into production. Cars were finally able to be fitted with these lighter bullbars that could often be as tough as steel so long as the correct alloys were used.

Questions to Ask to Choose The Right Bullbar for You

 There are various questions to find answers to when you’re settling on the right bullbar. These include:

  • Is the bar fully welded?
  • Will the bar take a winch?
  • How thick is the material?
  • What is the tensile rating?
  • Will the bar support my communication aerial?
  • Can I position spotlights properly?
  • What are the finish options (powder coat, polish etc.)?
  • Is the product guaranteed and how long for?
  • Are fog lights provided as standard?
  • Are recovery points included as standard?
  • Are integral bash plates included for maximum protection off-road?
  • Does your bullbar enhance your vehicle’s looks?

You also need to ask questions such as – Is the approach angle maximised after fitting a bullbar? The approach angle is a crucial factor in terms of performance off-road although it may not be needed for the road/highway. Also, the majority of off-road bullbars provide a decent improvement over the factory approach angle. Another important question is – How well will the bullbar protect your headlights and radiator if an animal strikes? It’s true that different drivers have different needs. One of the most imperative elements when choosing is bullbar in a rural setting is to ensure you don’t lose a headlight. If you do, your vehicle could be completely immobilised if you’re driving in the dark and suddenly can’t see.

Choosing the right bullbar takes time but it’s worth doing your research beforehand so you buy the right one for your needs.

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