More Than Just A Piece Of Metal – A Behind The Scenes Look At Bullbars

More Than Just A Piece Of Metal. A Behind The Scenes Look At Bullbars

Irvin Bullbars take a real pride in every bullbar we create. Making a bullbar is a huge labour of love. In fact, there are more than 40 separate steps in the manufacture process. We have been in operation as a company since 1976. Throughout the years, we have constantly researched the latest cutting-edge techniques in order to bring our customers the highest quality frontal vehicle protection systems (VFPS’s). Our emphasis is on superior safety, quality and on peace of mind for the customer.

Up to 40 hours of research and development goes into every bar we manufacture. Materials are purpose-selected to provide maximum strength. Our bars are manufactured from continuous pieces of tubing and channel, so they withstand extreme pressure. We hand-roll the mandrel pipe bender and channel sections to ensure only the best finish. Additionally, our bars are made to Australian Driving Regulation and Department of Transport specifications 0589.

We employ two separate welding processes to achieve maximum bonding strength of each individual component. Then, the individual components of each bar are hand-assembled by professionally trained specialists. The next step involves hand-polishing each bar to achieve a chrome-like finish. Mounting systems seamlessly mesh the barwork to the vehicle providing the most robust protection possible. The final step is an in-depth 16-step-check made on all finished bars by our quality control specialist. Irvin Bullbars are different to other bullbars. Our team is completely involved in the design, fabrication and quality control of our bars throughout every step of the process.

The Manufacture Process Step By Step

Our manufacturing process takes time and care. The following steps are just some of the various ones we take when making our products:

  • New vehicle arrives
  • Inspection is carried out to assess important features – headlight position, grill position, airbag triggering harness/wiring, fog lights, if any, park assist sensors, if any, adaptive cruise control radar, if any, wheel arch flares and approach angle
  • The alloys we choose to use are researched and discussed with the main alloy suppliers.
  • First, we look at designing a nudge bar. (Research, design and build can take up to 15 hours)
  • Two bars are made – one to stay on the vehicle and the other is sent off to engineering for compliance testing and certification
  • The completed bar is test-fitted to the vehicle. If it is satisfactory, it is removed to be hand-polished
  • All pieces are then drawn up and templated for future reference
  • The completed product is fitted and labelled
  • Second, we look at designing a bullbar. (Research, design and build can take up to 40 hours, sometimes more.)
  • A replacement bumper is purchased to use for templating and cutting
  • The original vehicle bumper is removed and put away for safe keeping
  • While the bumper is off the research and development is carried out for the mounting system. The mounts for a bullbar need to be well made, well secured and still be compliant with airbag deployment
  • Once the design is agreed, a set is made and fitted to the vehicle
  • The replacement bumper is then fitted and cut to shape to allow the main channel of the bullbar to fit into place. This channel is the main platform for the bullbar.  It needs to provide a stable and strong platform for the rest of the bar to be built on as well as being compliant with Australian Driving Regulations (ADR) and Australian Standards (AS)
  • The main channel is hand made to suit the front of the vehicle, conforming to the vehicle’s shape with no sharp edges. It is then fitted.
  • Now the design and construction of the rest of the bar takes place
  • Two bars are made, one to stay on the vehicle and the other sent off to engineering for compliance testing and certification
  • The completed bar will be test fitted to the vehicle, if satisfactory it’s removed to be hand-polished to a chrome-like finish
  • All pieces will be drawn up and templated for future reference
  • Completed product will be fitted and labelled
  • 16 step check is carried out on the final product.

Irvin Bullbars firmly believe in our products and their ability to provide peace of mind and protection so our customers can drive with confidence.

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