Protecting Your Passengers: Bullbars Save Lives

Passenger Protection – Bullbars Save Lives

Bullbars are a very popular vehicle accessory, particularly in WA. For companies and private motorists who take passengers from place to place, it’s crucial to ensure that everyone who rides on buses, caravans, people movers and just larger vehicles in general, is as protected as possible – particularly in the case of a frontal collision or animal strike.

Australia’s large passenger vehicles are a common sight on our roads. Often, the drivers of these have to cover huge distances and are on the road for significant amounts of time. Add this to the fact that WA terrain, as well as weather conditions, can be difficult and you will understand why it’s crucial to keep safety at the forefront 24/7.

Bullbars save lives. In fact, according to 2011 research by the 4WD Industry Council, bullbars are saving the lives of many people who live in rural and regional Australia. When bullbars are mounted on large passenger vehicles, it protects the people inside and lessens the likelihood of severe damage to the front of the vehicle itself.

The risk of animal strike is very real, particularly on Australia’s rural roads. 4WD Industry Council research on cars uncovered that the likelihood of a vehicle occupant sustaining an injury after an animal strike is a huge 30 times higher when a bullbar hasn’t been fitted.

Bullbars designed for passenger vehicles must be effective and strong so that people can get from A to B without incident. It’s imperative that vehicle owners purchase bullbars that are custom designed to suit the areas conditions and particular working environments.

Bullbars are an essential piece of equipment for all passenger-carrying vehicles in WA. They give both the driver and traveller that added peace of mind as well as actual physical protection in the case of a collision or animal strike.

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