Selecting A Bullbar

Bullbars Perth

Bull bars Perth locals typically buy range from simple nudge bars ideal for driving around the Perth metro area to triple hoop models that are suitable for country roads. Here is what you need to consider before you purchase frontal protection for your car.

Consider Your Needs

When selecting a bullbar, it is essential to pick the right type. The most important question? Do you need it for city driving or off-road adventures? While single hoop models don’t offer sufficient protection against animal collisions, they are great for the Perth metro area. Triple hoop models are much more robust and provide a lot of space for mounting accessories you need for longer journeys such as winches, additional frontal lights and UHF antennas. The most popular types of Perth bullbars include:

  • Bull bars
  • Single hoop bars
  • Nudge bars
  • Triple hoop bullbars

Choose the Right Material

Not all materials guarantee the same quality or the same type of protection. Steel and aluminium are the most popular choices for bullbars, while nudge bars can be made from lighter and less expensive materials. Generally, heavier models made of various types of metals are better for off-road driving, and lighter bars are safer to use in densely populated areas. Both aluminium and steel models are available in different colours, and you can choose between a matte and shiny finish.

Select the Right Style

Choosing a style isn’t just about aesthetics. Most importantly, your bullbar should be the perfect fit for the model of your vehicle. Whether you are driving a car, a 4WD or a truck, the style will be different depending on the model of your vehicle. And, as we already mentioned, the type of bullbar you’d choose for country roads isn’t the same one you’d pick for city driving. If you are not sure which one is best suited for your car and your unique needs, it is best to consult your local bullbar specialist in Perth.

Buy Locally-Made

Even though there are many ways to purchase your bullbar, it is always a good idea to order one from a manufacturer located in WA. This is because Perth bullbars must be made to comply with both Australian standards and local regulations. Purchasing items from other regions or even ordering from overseas could be risky because you can’t be sure whether they are safe to use in Perth. Local manufacturers can create a custom bulbar to suit your car mode while fully conforming to WA laws and regulations.  

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