Six Essential 4WD Accessories

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If you enjoy getting out there and exploring the awesome WA countryside, it’s likely that you’ve thought of getting some accessories for your 4WD to make life easier, safer and more enjoyable. There’s truly nothing worse than getting out there and realising that you could really do with some sort of accessory that makes the trip more comfortable, or to one-up a mate. So, with this in mind, we have put together a short list of some choice accessories you won’t be able to travel without!

Driving Lights

WA is a big place and exploring the country in any vehicle can take a while. Once you get out there on the open road with many km’s to travel and so much to see, time can get away from you, or there’s a chance you’ve found a place to prop for the night? If you get caught out still driving at dusk, you need to have a good set of driving lights so you can see better, meaning you feel safer. In a lot of cases factory fitted headlights, just aren’t good enough!  Good quality, efficient lighting reduces eye strain, reducing tiredness meaning you and your occupants will feel more secure. The latest technology is LED lighting which offers many benefits over the halogen alternatives, providing a whiter, sharper light. Quality and pricing can vary with an outlay of a few hundred dollars into the thousands for top of the range lights.


Although it might not seem to be an amazing addition but you would be surprised at how useful a shovel is when you’re out on a 4WD adventure or on the open road. From toilet stops in remote places to digging yourself (or someone else) out of trouble, there are heaps of situations you can use a shovel for. A few minutes activity using the shovel can save a whole lot of time, so make sure you always have one in the back of your vehicle…… just in case.


Despite the name, a bullbar isn’t all about bulls; a bullbar is a must-have safety accessory keeping you and your passenger’s safe in the event of an animal strike… as well as a little bit of aesthetic appeal. This piece of kit provides robust frontal protection from animal strikes and more. It also serves as an ideal place to mount other accessories such as aerials, driving lights (discussed earlier) and winches. When it comes to buying bullbars, the team at Irvin Bullbars can be trusted to deliver quality work at competitive prices. We design and manufacture the bullbars, roo bars and nudge bars Perth 4WD owners love.


Getting out on the open road in this great state of Western Australia is great fun, however, drinking warm beers at night is not! Also, you need somewhere to keep your water and timtams cold so you can stay hydrated and energised throughout your trip. This is where a little fridge comes in handy. There’s nothing like an ice-cold drink when you’ve been driving for hours! (Or maybe just a good esky?)

Roof Rack

Although most 4WDs have a good amount of space in the back, a roof rack is so handy to have – especially if you’re on the road with passengers. You can store all your big and bulky items like swags or canoes or both up there so there’s more space in the cab. Just remember not to overload it and each state or territory have different rules on the loading of vehicles!

Air Compressor

The humble air compressor is a necessity for many 4WD enthusiasts who want to get off road. It should probably be one of the first items you buy if the dream is to get off the beaten track.  There are many brands and styles to choose from permanently fitted styles to more portable variations.

So, there you have it, just a few accessories you need to make your off-road adventures even better. For more advice and help when it comes to choosing vehicle frontal protection, like bullbars or roobars, get in touch with the Perth factory direct manufacturing team at Irvin Bullbars.

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