Steel Bullbars – The Economical Choice For Rural Drivers

Perth Bullbars

A good quality, strong bullbar provides the front of a vehicle with excellent protection against animal strikes and head-on collisions. It is also a ‘must have’ when driving off road or in rural areas. Irvin Bullbars steel bullbars are made from premium-grade Australian steel so they are incredibly strong. They are also the easiest type of bar to repair which is great news for the rural user. We believe that bullbars are a necessity for people living and working in rural WA. Steel bars protect people’s lives as well as their vehicles. The risk of animal strikes in rural WA cannot and should not be underestimated.  For these reasons, a heavy duty steel bar offers maximum safety when driving on country roads.

All Irvin Bullbars steel bullbars are economically priced. In addition, they are ADR and airbag compliant as well as being laser cut and CNC bent. Our steel bullbars can incorporate towing points which is another plus for the rural driver. Other features of our steel bars include:

  • Multiple fold channel design for extra strength, maximum airflow and stylish looks
  • Increased approach angle
  • Mounting points for accessories like winches, driving lights and antennas
  • Specifically engineered and designed for each make and model
  • Integrated underbody plates

Irvin Bullbars has been at the forefront of steel bullbar design and manufacture for more than 40 years. As members of the Bullbar Working Group of Australia, we are industry leaders. We don’t manufacture based on other existing products. We rely on engineers to develop, design and test our steel bullbars so they are as good as they can be.  Living in WA, we know all too well how difficult our terrain and conditions are. Our steel bars are carefully crafted to last. We believe in offering a safe, premium product for an affordable price.

Download Our Bullbar Information Pack

This 20-page information pack is packed with information about different bulbar options, tips on how to care for your bulbar and also steps on what do to in the event of hitting an animal.