What You Need To Know To Stay Safe On Country Roads

driving in australia tips beware of wandering animals on unfenced roads

Dusty roads, animal collisions, severe and unpredictable weather and other circumstances can make off-road ventures in WA hazardous. From installing Perth bullbars to purchasing emergency supplies, preparation is crucial. However, you also need to avoid risky driving, stay sharp behind the wheel and stick to speed limits. Here is what you can do to stay safe!

Beware of the Most Common Dangers on WA Country Roads

Western Australia is well known for its outstanding rural beauty and vast landscapes, but driving through remote areas can be challenging. The most common dangers include:

  • Dusty or muddy roads
  • Poor visibility
  • Wildlife
  • Road trains

Conditions can suddenly change due to unpredictable weather. Dust can quickly turn into mud due to heavy rain, and there is always a risk of sliding while taking corners. Due to poor visibility caused by rain, fog or dust, there is a greater risk of colliding with an animal or hitting a tree branch. For these reasons, it is best to avoid driving during the night and in the event of bad weather. An additional problem can be a poorly maintained vehicle. Before you hit the road, it is essential to check your car and install all the accessories you need to ensure safe driving.

Why You Need a Bullbar

Ensuring maximum safety, a bullbar is a must-have if you are planning an off-road adventure. It protects the front of your car from collisions with animals which are pretty common in WA. If you hit a kangaroo while driving 100 km/h, quality frontal protection will prevent damages that can obstruct your journey. It also protects the cooling system and safeguards your car against other accidents such as hitting rocks, sticks or branches which can get caught up and damage your vehicle. An additional benefit of a bullbar is that it is essentially the best place to mount other accessories you need for off-road driving. You can easily attach extra frontal lights, winch, UHF antenna or a sand flag.

Bull bars Perth locals typically choose to buy include triple hoop models made of steel or aluminium because they offer the best protection. By purchasing this important accessory, you are minimising the chances of getting stranded in rural areas. Since it also has the potential for recovery points, you can help other drivers if they get stuck in muddy or sandy terrain.

Other Must-Haves for Off-Road Adventures

To prepare for your journey, make sure to bring enough supplies. Firstly, you need to top up your tank and bring one or two spare tyres. Plan fuel stops and consider bringing extra fuel in case you get stranded. In case something goes wrong, it is essential to have a tow rope, jumper cables and a toolbox. You should also bring a first aid kit, bottles of water and food supplies.

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