What’s the Purpose of a Bullbar?

Whats the Purpose of a Bullbar

What’s the Purpose of a Bullbar?

A bullbar, nudge bar or roo bar is a robust device that’s installed on the front of a vehicle to protect it from collisions. There are many different styles of bullbar. In rural WA, where kangaroo and animal strikes are a danger and where larger four-wheel-drive vehicles are in use, it’s most common to use a larger bullbar for maximum protection. As a side note, it’s always a good idea to try not to travel through the Outback at dawn and dusk to minimise your chances of animal strikes.

Although safety is your prime concern when you’re out driving, a bullbar also adds some serious style to your vehicle. You can also use your bullbar bullbars perthto mount accessories, thus personalising your car even more. A bull bar gives your vehicle a commanding presence when your driving on and off-road.

No matter the reason you use your SUV, 4X4 or truck – be it for a daily commute or for off-road adventures – it takes a lot of abuse. Rocks, tree branches, uneven ground, possible animal strikes and more can all threaten the front end of your vehicle. If you don’t protect the front of your vehicle, it’ll very quickly begin to look beaten-up and worn out. Think of a bullbar as a helmet on an American Footballer only it’s for your vehicle instead. You want to choose only the best to protect your vehicle and your passengers!

At Irvin Bullbars, we design and manufacture quality products that are built to last the test of time. You can be assured that when you purchase from us, your car will benefit from full frontal protection in case of a front-end impact or animal strike. If you’re looking for bullbars, Western Australia-based Irvin Bullbars is the go-to name for robust, safe vehicle protection.

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This 20-page information pack is packed with information about different bulbar options, tips on how to care for your bulbar and also steps on what do to in the event of hitting an animal.

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