• Will the ground clearance be affected?

  • Can it be repaired?

  • Will you need to maintain it?

  • Will the vehicle work like it used to?

  • Do you need to modify your vehicle?

  • Will fitting a bullbar affect my insurance?

    Irvin Bullbars have found that each individual insurance company has a differing point of view on bullbars. We suggest contacting your own insurer to check that you will be covered in the event of an accident.

  • Why do you use continuous sections?

    It reduces stagger welds. Stagger welds are a weak point in bullbar design. For example, by using a continuous section of 48 x 4.5mm tubing in our Stage 3 bullbar, the tubing runs the full width of the bar. We even cut holes in the upright to enable the tubing to run through. We get a better, stronger weld providing more strength to your bullbar.

  • When did Bullbars have to comply with the Australian Driving Regulations?

    The ADR’s have been evolving for many years. As a member of the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA), Irvin Bullbars are kept to up to date and are also actively involved in dialog as and when ADR’s are being discussed.

  • What polish do you recommend to keep my bullbar clean?

    There are many different products in the market that will suit your requirement. We believe there are different polishes available that will suit the condition of your barwork. It’s best to talk to us directly on this one.

  • What happens to my old bumper?

    The bumper or any parts that are removed by Irvin Bullbars during the fitting remain the property of the customer for 2 weeks from the fitting date.

    It is the customers responsibility to instruct Irvin Bullbars if the said parts will be picked up by the customer within that time.

    After two weeks from the fitting date, Irvin Bullbars retains the right to dispose of said parts in an effort to maintain workshop cleanliness and OHS matters.

    The cost incurred for disposal of said parts will be charged to Irvin Bullbars.

  • Is it illegal to fit a bullbar in Australia?

    No, as long as it meets with the Australian Driving Regulations (ADR), and local Department of Planning and Infrastructure (DPI), requirements. Irvin Bullbars product meet with these regulations when applicable.

  • Is it illegal to buy or fit non-compliant bullbars?

    Yes, it is against the ADR’s to fit any part or accessory that detracts from the safety of the vehicle for any road user, including pedestrians. Four and Five post bullbars are in this category.

  • How will I be able to tell if the approval is genuine?

    Conforming Irvin Bullbars will be fitted with a compliance plate which must have the following bits of information;

    • Manufacturers trading name of bullbar and some information that will lead to where the bullbar was made.
      • Description of the bullbar and the make and model that is fitted to
      • The year that the bullbar was made.
    • The batch or identification number of the bullbar.
  • How long will it take to get my bullbar?

    We would suggest allowing up to three weeks; however you will be given an estimated time upon placing your order. Sometimes, depending on our busy work load, there are circumstances which we cannot control, but as stated, you will be notified.

  • How do I know if a bullbar has been approved?

    (Irvin Bullbars) Any reputable business will manufacture a bullbar that complies to the latest ADR. Manufacturers must also fix a compliance plate to any bullbar that has been tested and passed an airbag compatibility test.

  • Do you have any Irvin Bullbars merchandise for sale?

    Yes, we have polo shirts, stubby holders, caps and other seasonal products, just ask.

  • Do you custom-make bullbars?

    Yes, we most certainly do! However, we ask for a 20% non-refundable deposit to start your custom bullbar.

  • Can the bars be shipped to other states?

    Yes, we can ship our bars to states other than WA, but it will incur an additional freight cost which in usually between $250 and $300.

  • Are the channels also one piece?

    Yes, for the same reasons we use continuous sections of tubing. Our full piece extruded channel sections are hand rolled to conform to the shape of the vehicle. An extruded section is also of a higher tensile and make a great launching platform to build the bullbar on.

  • Why a two post design?

    Irvin Bullbars believe that together with our 2-post design and the correct materials chosen, which have been copied but never matched, our alloy bullbars are good, reliable, aesthetically pleasing and the way VFPS’s should be made. The 2-post design also complies with ADR’s as to pedestrian safety.

  • Why do we use Aluminium?

    The elastic characteristic of alloy which has been correctly tempered absorbs the sudden force of impact that is loaded onto the vehicle in the unfortunate event of an animal strike. Steel bullbars transfer this impact straight to the chassis with limited absorption.

Why Choose Irvin Bullbars As Your Bullbar Supplier?

Specialists in Alloy

We are experts in the design and manufacture of alloy bullbars. The correct Alloy offers superior strength, from the high-density extruded channel to the industry leading wall tubing thickness of 4.5mm, which all contribute to that stronger bar.

A Friendly Bunch

Our friendly and professional approach is regularly commented on by customers.  If you want to deal with experts who care about getting the service right, every time, get an Irvin Bullbar.

Drive with Confidence

Ultimately, an Irvin Bullbar means you can drive with confidence and peace-of-mind that you and your passengers are safer on the road.

Extras Come as Standard

Our bars are different, as a standard, all of our bars have LED indicators, spotlight and Aerial lugs if required, your choice of polished or powder coated finishes and all bars are ADR compliant including airbag compatible.  As long as it’s still ADR approved you can also customise your bar and make changes. (Conditions apply).

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