Nudge Bars – The Informed Choice For Metro and City Drivers

Nudge Bars – The Informed Choice For Metro and City Drivers

Nudge bars provide robust protection from minor accidents so are the perfect vehicle frontal protection system for city or metro drivers. They are smaller and lighter than a traditional bullbar and are the perfect place to mount driving lights. Additionally, Irvin Bullbars nudge bars are airbag compliant and will not affect a headlight set in any way.

Nudge bars provide protection against minor bumps, scratches and front-end collisions, protecting the radiator grille and the surrounding areas. Not only do nudge bars protect your vehicle but they also add a great deal of aesthetic appeal.

Nudge bars are specifically designed to suit a range of both compact and medium-sized SUV 2WD and 4WD vehicles. They are an ideal platform for mounting accessories such as driving lights, LED light bars, Shuroo and antennas. All Irvin Bullbars nudge bars are cross pipe or bar TIG welded with an airbag compatible mounting system.

The design, style and types of nudge bar available varies dependent on the make, model and year of a vehicle. Irvin Bullbars nudge bars are fully ADR compliant and designed and manufactured in Perth, Western Australia. These can be fitted at our Midvale, Perth factory or alternatively can be shipped to a chosen regional fitter.

At Irvin Bullbars we pride ourselves on the strength and longevity of the nudge bars we design and manufacture. We have more than 40 years of nudge bar product research and testing through out membership of the Bullbar Working Group of Australia. We are involved in the ongoing research of the newer safer design of all vehicle frontal protection systems including nudge bars.

Nudge bars are the sensible choice for protecting a vehicle, its passengers and the public in general in the event of a city or metro-area incident.

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