5 Must-Have Accessories for Your Prado

Prado Bullbar

Toyota Prado is a powerful and reliable vehicle for off-road driving. It is equipped with fantastic factory fitted items such as diff lock, twin fuel tanks and stability control. However, there are many fabulous upgrades you can purchase to ensure a safer and more pleasant journey through WA country roads. We’ve rounded up five essential accessories to improve your driving experience.

1 – Bullbar

Designed to dramatically improve your safety, a Prado bullbar is definitely a must-have for off-road driving across WA. Its primary function is to protect you from animal collisions, but it can also soften the blow when you hit a rock or a big tree branch. Additionally, a shiny bullbar can significantly improve the look of your 4WD and provide a convenient mounting point for other essential accessories such as the winch, UHF and sand antennas or powerful night lights.

2 – Nudge Bar

A lighter and more affordable alternative to a classic bullbar, a nudge bar is safer and more convenient for driving around the Perth metro area. Since it is not recommended to use bullbars in the city, installing a nudge bar is the optimal solution. It can also be useful for occasional off-road adventures because it offers some protection against animal strikes and allows you to install extra lights for night driving.

3 – LED Lights

Venturing onto the dark bush roads at night requires additional lights to enhance the standard 4WD headlight performance. When purchasing a bullbar or nudge bar, make sure to buy extra LED lights as well. They can be easily mounted on the bar allowing you safer night-time journeys. Usually, a pair of round spotlights will do the job. However, you need to choose a option that fits your bar. If you are not sure which ones are the best for your vehicle, consult your bullbar manufacturer as they can recommend the optimal solution and install both accessories to your 4WD.

4 – Winch

The most important accessory to mount on your Toyota Prado Bullbar is, of course, the winch. While it is not necessary for part-time off-roaders, it is a must-have for anyone who frequently drives through extreme terrains or embarks on longer journeys across WA. Ensuring you have strong front and rear recovery points on your vehicle and purchasing a quality snatch strap are vital before you go off-road. They are going to be very handy when you need to perform self-recoveries or when you need to provide assistance to someone else. Using a tow strap can cause a lot of damage, while the winch allows for more precise and slower pulling.

5 – Snorkel

Finally, the fifth most important accessory for your Toyota Prado is a snorkel. If you plan on hitting the remote roads in WA, it is likely that you’ll come across dusty tracks and water crossings. This is where the snorkel comes to play. As it raises the air intake to the roof level, it protects your engine by sealing breather holes and providing a cleaner air input.

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