Avoiding Animal Collisions While Driving


When you drive a big vehicle such as a 4×4 on country roads, you’ve probably been doing so very carefully. WA is notorious for animal strikes, so it’s crucial to stay safe when you’re driving. The winter months, in particular, can be problematic when it comes to animals congregating around local roads. However, no matter the weather, animal strikes can and do happen. Your risk is actually elevated if you’re out at dawn or dusk. So, what can you do to protect yourselves, your passengers and your vehicle?

In this blog, we’ll look at some useful tips to avoid animal collisions as well as how bar work such as a bullbar can help protect you and your vehicle.

Handy tips to avoid animal collisions

The most common animal to be involved in an accident with is, of course, the kangaroo. However, it’s not just these that you need to be wary of. You need to think about all sorts of animals like possums, wombats, cows, horses and even cats and dogs. With this in mind, take a look at these tips for avoiding animal collisions.

  • Try not to drive at night if at all possible, especially in rural areas
  • If you need to drive after dark, look out for animal eyes reflecting in your car headlights
  • Stay alert to animals being near the road
  • If you see an animal close to the road or on the road, attempt to slow down and brake rather than swerving
  • If you spot any roadkill or one or two animals near a road, this could mean that there are other animals wandering in the area. So, stay vigilant and ensure you slow down when you’re on the road
  • Take note of any yellow animal warning signs you see while driving
  • Keep the Wildlife Helpline phone number in your car or phone (9474 9055) just in case you’re in an animal collision or you spot an injured animal by the road

It’s best practice to always be vigilant when driving in WA and to always tell someone where you’re going just in case.

Bullbars save lives

A bullbar is arguably one of the most important accessories you can add to your 4WD. Whether you are a Triton owner who is looking for an bullbar or you’re looking for a bar for any other model of vehicle, Irvin Bullbars has the right option for your needs. We passionately believe that whether you’re off-roading, touring the Australian outback or you do a great deal of rural driving, you can certainly benefit from having a robust bull bar fitted.

According to 2011 research conducted by the 4WD Industry Council as many as 74% of individuals involved in car animal strikes felt that if they didn’t have a bullbar, they would have had to swerve. With swerving potentially resulting in an even bigger accident, it’s clear to see that bullbars such as the MQ Triton bullbar really can and do save lives!

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