How Will The New Choice Of Repairer Legislation Help You?

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How Will The New Choice Of Repairer Legislation Help You?

Consumers are now empowered through new legislation to have their vehicle serviced or repaired by a workshop of their choice. Choosing a repairer has been an interesting debate ever since the advancement of the modern motor vehicle. Today’s modern cars are more sophisticated and require special technical information in order to diagnose problems and repair.

However, not all repairers have had access to this information which, until recently, has made it difficult, or sometimes even impossible, for smaller and independent repairers to carry out fixes.

New legislation passed in December 2014 now alleviates a source of great frustration for consumers when they take their car to an independent repairer of their choice only to find they cannot complete a repair, not because they lack the skills or equipment.

The issue is further compounded when insurance companies force consumers to take their cars to one of its partner repairers if that repairer comes in with a lower quote.

On 15 December 2014 the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) achieved its aim when peak industry bodies signed a voluntary Automotive Repair Industry Data Sharing Heads of Agreement.

This agreement preserves the motorists’ rights to have their vehicle serviced or repaired at the workshop of their choice and at prices determined by open competition. Part of the legislation also enforces manufacturers to make technical information widely available to all repair shops.

Consumers are now empowered to choose their own car repairer/panel beater, who can in turn choose local product manufacturers, like Irvin Bullbars.  It can be the case, particularly with some bullbars, that a locally manufactured product is stronger and more suited to the customer’s needs.

So next time a vehicle comes into your panel shop, and you believe the bullbar didn’t do as well as it could, suggest an Irvin Bullbar as an option to replace the OE manufacturer product.

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