Strength & Style

style and strength

If you are not sure which bullbar to choose for your vehicle, strength and style are the main characteristics you should consider before buying. If you need frontal protection for serious off-road adventures, you’ll require a heavier, sturdier and larger bar. However, it is much safer to use lighter and smaller models for city driving and occasional daytime road trips. Here is everything you need to know before purchasing a bullbar!

Popular Styles of Perth Bullbars

Different styles of bullbars are suitable for different purposes and different driving conditions. Designs that are ideal for bumpy and dusty country roads might be dangerous for city driving and vice versa. The most popular types you need to know include:

  • Single hoop
  • Triple hoop
  • Bumper bar
  • Nudge bar
  • Baja bar

While safeguarding the stock fender, bumper bars and baja bars offer the most basic frontal protection and are not safe enough for off-roading. Nudge bars and other types of single hoop bars are sufficient for driving around the Perth metro area, but you need to consider more substantial protection if you are venturing out of town. The most crucial difference is between single and triple hoop bullbars. A single hoop bar is covering the radiator, while a triple hoop model is protecting the headlights as well. The second style is a much better choice for off-road escapades. It provides strong protection and makes an excellent mounting point for accessories including extra lights, UHT antenna, sand flag and winch.

Choosing the Material

Steel is the most popular material for making bullbars that are sturdy and suitable for off-road driving. They require little maintenance and can withstand animal collisions without damage. The downsides include increased fuel consumption and weight. Steel is up to 30% heavier than aluminium which is the second common material used for bullbars Perth-wide. Aluminium is considerably lighter but comparable in strength, and its shiny finish is more pleasing to the eye.

It is worth noting that a frontal protection bar made of steel, which weighs about 90kg, is comparable to its aluminium counterpart that is 35kg lighter. However, the main drawback of aluminium bullbars is their price. For this reason, many people still prefer frontal protection made from steel.

Australian Standards and WA Regulations

Bull bars Perth locals typically choose are produced by manufacturers based in WA. This ensures that they comply with Australian standards as well as local regulations. Let’s not forget that usage of bullbars in Australian cities can be dangerous, which is why there are strict rules you need to follow. Before you purchase chosen a model for your car, make sure to check whether it is in line with the WA laws.  

So, Which Bullbar is Ideal for You?

Every bullbar style can be adjusted to a specific model of a vehicle, so your dilemma should be which type of protection is best suited for your driving habits. Do you need to be prepared for long-distance touring? Then you need a strong and robust triple hoop bullbar equipped with additional accessories. Are you more of a part-time off-roader? Then perhaps you don’t need more than just a quality nudge bar. Your local bullbar specialist in Perth can help you pick a model that matches your car and caters to your lifestyle!

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