Three Ways to Protect Yourself and your Vehicle on WA Country Roads

Exploring Australia and particularly Western Australia is an incredible experience that genuinely enhances our life. And we are lucky during these COVID times to be safe and sound, with great opportunities to see our own country where we can appreciate having so many natural wonders right on our doorstep. There is no better feeling than getting out there on the open road. This is especially true if you have the right vehicle and the adventurous spirit!

Driving on open country roads is completely different to motoring in the city with different sorts of distractions to be aware of.  Preparation is the key. You want your driving experiences throughout remote areas to be as enjoyable and as safe as possible.

So, what can you do to protect your vehicle and yourself while driving on WA country roads?

Get Plenty of Rest

Before you set out on any sizeable journey it’s crucial to ensure you are as well rested as you possibly can be. Driving tired can endanger yourself, your passengers and other motorists. You don’t want to fall asleep behind the wheel! So, if you start to feel tired and restless, experience wandering thoughts, a lack of concentration and/or excessive blinking or yawning then it is critical to take some time out for a rest.

Have a Bullbar Fitted

It is possible to drive great distances and for quite some time without seeing another vehicle or meeting a single person. Chances are there will be plenty of wildlife or wandering stock around too so it’s crucial to remain aware. When it comes to bullbars, Perth motorists know and trust the team at Irvin Bullbars to provide the vehicle frontal protection systems they need. A nudgebar, roobar, bullbar or truckbar not only makes your vehicle look amazing but it also provides a great level of protection should there be a collision or animal strike.

The 4WD Industry Council advises that rural and regional motorists have a robust bullbar or roobar installed as these genuinely do save lives.

Focus on Your Driving Technique

City driving is a completely different experience to driving on gravel and regional roads. West Australian drivers need to focus on adapting their driving technique. These types of roads can be hazardous to drive as they may be in a poor state and driving conditions can change quickly. Additionally, visibility can be affected due to dirt and dust. With these issues in mind, remember to do the following: 

·         Take corners slowly so you don’t slide

·         If you do slide, refrain from hitting the brakes. Instead, lift your foot from the accelerator

·         Be more vigilant when driving in or after the rain or in fog

·         Check for road closures before heading out for the days travels

·         Drive more slowly and carefully to react to changes in the road conditions

·         Ensure there is a decent sized gap between vehicles

So, there you have it. 3 ways of keeping yourself, your passengers and other motorists safe when you’re driving on WA country roads. For advice on bullbars, roo bars and nudge bars, Irvin Bullbars is available to answer any questions you might have.

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