The Nudge Bar – A Bullbar’s Baby Brother

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A common question we get when it comes to fitting Vehicle Frontal Protection is “Should I install a nudge bar, a roobar or a bullbar?” Each have their own features, benefits, qualities and favourable points. Nudge bars, roobars and bullbars are all useful for different situations and requirements.

Today though, we wanted to delve a little more into the world of nudge bars, the bullbar’s baby brother.

What is a nudge bar?

A nudge bar is a lightweight tubular bar, much like an inverted U, that fits in front of the grille and radiator. More commonly fitted to cars, smaller SUVs and sedans. Nudge bars are generally fitted to provide some protection in low-impact situations and to mount accessories such as antennas and driving lights to your vehicle.

Who are nudge bars for?

Nudge bars are not as robust as bullbars, they do not need to be as they are perfectly designed for city or metro drivers to provide a little protection in case of any minor incident. A nudge bar provides your car with added protection as well as potentially adding some value too. There are so many different styles, types and designs to choose from depending on your vehicle. You will benefit from having a great-looking, safe and durable vehicle you can use in city, metro and regional locations. When you purchase your new nudge bar from the Irvin Bullbars team, you can be assured that it will be safe, strong and airbag compliant.

We have an ever increasing range that have been designed, jigged and templated ready to install. For your convenience, we can either fit your new nudge bar at our Midvale, Perth factory or we can ship it to your local installer  The team at Irvin Bullbars can help you to choose the right bar for your vehicle, taking all your personal preferences into consideration. Simply get in touch or request a quote online.

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