Why Do Perth Drivers Need a Bullbar?

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Why Do Perth Drivers Need a Bullbar?

It’s true that a bullbar adds a certain sense of toughness and rugged style to a vehicle. If you are driving in Perth though, a bullbar is not considered as an accessory but as a necessity. According to extensive research undertaken by the 4WD Industry Council, bullbars Perth-wide are most commonly fitted on vehicles in rural and regional areas to protect the driver and passengers in the case of an animal strike. Animal strikes are a real and unfortunately all too common occurrence here in WA. It’s crucial to take all the steps you can to protect yourself, the ones you love and, of course, your vehicle.

Another reason to fit a bullbar is as a platform for accessories such as vehicle protection panels, communications equipment and so on. So, you see, a bullbar is a ‘must-have’ on your vehicle when you live in the Perth area.

It’s sobering to know that 2011 4WD Industry Council findings from a survey of 42,600 motorists estimated that as many as 25,000 to 30,000 people reported experiencing an animal strike in a one-year period. The peak times for these strikes tend to be when natural light is poor at dusk or later on at night. Also, kangaroos count for the vast majority of these incidents. What really stood out in this study is that the likelihood of sustaining an injury in a vehicle that’s not equipped with a bullbar is as many as 30 times higher than in a vehicle with bars fitted. That’s a frightening figure.

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