Common Mistakes when Modifying your 4WD

common mistakes when modifying your 4wd

Your 4WD is a powerful vehicle, especially when you modify it and add accessories that will make it fully equipped for the most challenging off-road driving adventures. You can buy everything from a three-hoop bullbar, batteries and extra lights to hot water on-demand systems and everything in between. However, it is crucial to modify your vehicle in the right way. Make sure to avoid these common mistakes!

Purchasing the Wrong Accessories

It is essential to pick the right accessories for your 4WD. When it comes to bull bars, Perth offers plenty of choices. Some models are ideal for off-roading, while others are better suited for vehicles that rarely leave the metro area. If you are unsure which type of frontal protection is ideal for you, consult your local bullbar specialist. If you also need to buy winch, snorkel, recovery kit, battery or lights, avoid low-quality gear just because it is cheap. Select accessories from reputable brands because buying quality products means investing in your safety.  

Buying in the Wrong Order

One of the most common mistakes is buying accessories in the wrong order. For example, many people tend to purchase expensive suspension kit before all other accessories. This is wrong because other add-ons such as a winch, bullbar, rear bar, drawer system, spare tyre and long-range fuel tank can be very heavy, Suspension should be added at the very end when you know exactly how much weight is your vehicle going to carry.

Overloading and Over-Modifying

Perth bullbars can be heavy, especially if they are made of steel. Add other hefty gear, extra fuel and adult passengers, and you’ll see how easy it exceeds your payload. Heavyweight also puts your 4WD at risk of breaking and damaging, which is the last thing you want to happen when you are out of town. Modifying your vehicle requires serious planning because you need to decide which accessories you need, eliminate unnecessary fixtures and be aware of the weight and fuel consumption requirements. Overloading and over-modifying are often a result of prioritising looks over practicality. If you are tempted to buy massive tyres just because they look impressive, ask yourself whether that is a smart solution for you.   

Forgetting the Legalities

When purchasing bullbars, Perth locals should ensure that all products comply with Australian standards and WA laws. This goes for other accessories too. Due to ethical considerations and legal implications, it is highly recommendable to check whether your vehicle and all of its accessories are safe to use and allowed in Western Australia.

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