Benefits of Choosing an Australian-Made Bullbar

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If you need a bullbar to increase the safety of your vehicle and equip it for off-road touring, it is best to purchase a quality product made in Australia. Bullbars are designed to provide frontal protection from animal collisions and other dangers on outback roads.

However, frontal protection systems must be made to comply with strict Australian Standards. Purchasing from your WA manufacturer is your best option for quality and after sale service.  

Made According to Australian Standards

All the Perth bullbars must comply with the Australian Standard AS 4876.1-2002 which regulates road user protection with regards to motor vehicle frontal protection systems. Additionally, the WA Department of Transport has issued Construction Guidelines for frontal protection systems.

Ordering a custom-made bullbar from your local manufacturer is the safest and the most convenient option. Not only that you’ll get frontal protection that is a perfect fit for your 4WD, but you’ll also be able to rest assured it has the recommended weight, height, width and shape. While the bullbar is there to keep you safe against accidents on the road, it shouldn’t compromise on the safety of others. This is why it is essential to purchase a bullbar that is suitable for your vehicle and recommended for the driving purposes you want to use it for.

Purpose-Built for Local Roads

Models of bullbars Perth locals tend to choose for their vehicles are uniquely designed for the local roads and challenging driving conditions in WA. Touring the country roads can be dangerous, and you’ll feel unsafe without a bullbar. Animal strikes are pretty common, which is why reliable, high-quality frontal protection is a must.

A bullbar safeguards your vehicle from collisions with kangaroos and other accidents, but it also provides a mounting point for recovery systems and other accessories you’ll find helpful when venturing out of town. And if you need frontal protection for driving within the Perth metro area, buying a nudge bar is a better option. While complying with the recommended standards, bullbars and nudge bars made in WA are designed for safer driving and will give you peace of mind.

Custom-Made for Your Car

Whichever model of 4WD you choose, ordering a bullbar from a local manufacturer ensures that you’ll get customised frontal protection for your vehicle. If you need extra lights, LED indicators, aerial and spotlight lugs or other accessories, you can have a bullbar with all of these installed complete with a shiny or matte finish, depending on your personal preference. You’ll be able to choose the shape, the material, the colour and add-ons you want. Typically, local bullbar companies based in Perth will offer the full service. They can manufacture and fit a bullbar for any passenger or commercial vehicle.

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This 20-page information pack is packed with information about different bulbar options, tips on how to care for your bulbar and also steps on what do to in the event of hitting an animal.

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