Armadillo Under Body Protection For The GEN8 Toyota Hilux

Armadillo Under Body Protection For The GEN8 Toyota Hilux IrvinBullbars EmailNewsletter March 20229

When you’re driving in tough conditions, it is crucial to protect yourself and your vehicle. A good robust bullbar and bash plates are just the job for ensuring your pride and joy doesn’t suffer any damage when you are driving off-road. Underbody damage can put an end to any off-road trip, but you have the […]

Truck Bars

Truck Bars truck bars

Once upon a time, bullbar fabricators would build the biggest strongest barwork they could to reduce damage from the likes of animal strikes and minor collisions. Traditional truck bullbar designs used horizontal and vertical members intersecting at right angles, essentially looking like a cattle grid. Things are changing though! While the primary purpose of protecting […]

Price & Value Imports v’s local

Price & Value Imports v’s local price value import vs local

When comparing our products to some import barwork we discovered “our rates were uncompetitive” according to some shoppers!  Apparently, our prices were well above those other bullbars from offshore. And the import product was available right now as a competitor had stock. Our capacity is pushed to the limit at the moment, with waiting times […]

How To Add Lighting To Your Irvin Bullbar

How To Add Lighting To Your Irvin Bullbar Jeep Cherokee Nudgebar

We’re often asked, “can I fit lights to my bar work?”. The simple answer is yes! One of the main reasons people fit bar work to their vehicle is for adding extra lighting as the majority of modern vehicles don’t accommodate for extra driving lights. All Irvin Bullbar bar work is made to accommodate extra […]

5 Essential Accessories Every Off Road Driver Needs

5 Essential Accessories Every Off Road Driver Needs 5 essential accessories every off road driver needs

Most 4×4 vehicle owners love getting off the bitumen for an off-road adventure, but before they do, they make sure their vehicle is equipped with all the right gear for a successful trip. Nobody like to get stuck so here are 5 essential accessories to equip your vehicle with before venturing off-road. 1 – Off-road […]

Bullbar Protection for Trucks & Buses

Bullbar Protection for Trucks & Buses bullbar protection for trucks buses

First things first; so what’s the function of a bullbar? Basically, a bullbar is designed to provide frontal vehicle protection from collisions and animal strikes. Bullbars are also used to mount accessories like spotlights, winches and aerials along with protecting the front end of your vehicle from rocks, tree branches and other hazards when off-road […]

Australian Made – Built to Last!

Australian Made – Built to Last! australian made built to last

Protect your vehicle with a strong and stylish bullbars built to last through the rugged Australian terrains and tough conditions. Welcome to Irvin Bullbars and experience the difference Perth bullbars make. For the past 45 years, Irvin Bullbars has been the go-to bull bars Perth manufacturing company that specialises in making tough and sturdy steel […]

Strength & Style

Strength & Style style and strength

If you are not sure which bullbar to choose for your vehicle, strength and style are the main characteristics you should consider before buying. If you need frontal protection for serious off-road adventures, you’ll require a heavier, sturdier and larger bar. However, it is much safer to use lighter and smaller models for city driving […]

5 Must-Have Accessories for your Isuzu D-Max

5 Must-Have Accessories for your Isuzu D-Max must have accessories for your dmax

Equipped with the new Intelligent Driver Assistance System (IDAS), Isuzu D-Max is safe, powerful and elegant. There are more than 50 accessories available for this vehicle that are easy to install. From bullbars, nudge bars and towbars to electric brakes, roof racks and canopies, there are many add-ons that can improve the quality of driving. […]