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Truck Bars

Truck Bars truck bars

Once upon a time, bullbar fabricators would build the biggest strongest barwork they could to reduce damage from the likes of animal strikes and minor collisions. Traditional truck bullbar designs used horizontal and vertical members intersecting at right angles, essentially looking like a cattle grid. Things are changing though! While the primary purpose of protecting […]

Bullbar Protection for Trucks & Buses

Bullbar Protection for Trucks & Buses bullbar protection for trucks buses

First things first; so what’s the function of a bullbar? Basically, a bullbar is designed to provide frontal vehicle protection from collisions and animal strikes. Bullbars are also used to mount accessories like spotlights, winches and aerials along with protecting the front end of your vehicle from rocks, tree branches and other hazards when off-road […]

Keeping Australia’s Trucks Moving

Keeping Australia’s Trucks Moving Kenworth T904

From food and clothing, fuel and livestock, trucks are the lifeblood of regional and metro stock and goods movement in Australia. In 2017-18, Australian freight vehicles moved 214,789,000,000 tonne-kilometres of goods according to the ABS.  In both good times and in times of crisis alike, if trucks weren’t on the road, we would never get […]

What To Do If You Hit A Kangaroo

What To Do If You Hit A Kangaroo What to do if you hit a kangaroo

According to car insurer Allianz, thousands of animals die on Australian roads every year, hit by vehicles, the majority being wallabies and kangaroos. Indeed, the likelihood that you will come across some on the country roads of Australia is pretty high, especially early morning, at sunset or at night. Like many animals, they will freeze […]

Truck Bars – How Irvin Bullbars Keeps Australia’s Trucks Moving

Truck Bars – How Irvin Bullbars Keeps Australia’s Trucks Moving How Irvin Bullbars Keeps Australia’s Trucks Moving

Trucks are arguably the life blood of Australia. Always on the go, moving freight from north to south and from east to west, our truckies are the nation’s unsung heroes. Long hours of driving over vast distances and sometimes difficult terrain is taxing. In addition, truckies also have the added worry of potential animal strikes […]

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